Lunch/Learning Pick Up Procedures

Meal pick-up is from 10:00-12:30 at the main

entrance in Villa Grove and 11:30-12:30 in

Camargo at the Community Building. If you are

not picking up meals we will be set up at the main

entrance from 2-5 pm for you to pick up learning

packets in Villa Grove. In the practice of social

distancing we would like to establish a procedure

for picking up meals and packets. We ask that

you please drive in the front drive and we will

check you in. We are asking that you pop open

your trunk or hatch. At that time staff members

will place your meals and/or packet in your trunk.

By following this procedure we will eliminate

physical contact and be able to stay the regulated

6 feet away to protect all people involved. 

We will continue to do meal pickups each 

Monday and provide learning packets every two

weeks. You may return any completed work

from the packets when you pick up the next

learning materials. The return procedure will be

for you to place any completed work in a bag,

preferably a gallon zip lock bag, with your child's

name, grade, and teacher written on it. Please

place this bag in your trunk and when you drive

through we will retrieve it when placing the new

materials in your car. Thank you for your help in

following these safety procedures.