8th Reading

 Reading Journal  Due = Friday, April 21

Holocaust Project Due at beginning of day = Monday, April 24

Written Explain  

  • 150 or more words, fully explains the abstract and symbolic parts of the project, coherent, correct mechanics, appropriately typed names of the creator(s) and theme presented visually displayed with the project

Neatness & Presentation   * Layout is not busy, free of mistakes or smears, easy to read, balanced, completed, appropriately sized, layout or design enhances meaning

Quotes * used and cited appropriately (author and significance), enhances project and message, neat and legible, free of mechanical or convention errors

Theme & Voice * Conveys a specific and consistent tone or expression, overall theme is clear, overall theme is consistent throughout the project, symbolism and abstract ideas were used, project was created with reverence and respect

Creativity & Effort Student(s) put in time and effort, creative ideas were used, pride was taken in the creation

 Reading Journal  Due = Friday, April 28

 Reading Journal  Due = Thursday, May 4

 Reading Journal  Due = Thursday, May 11

400 Book Pages Due = Tuesday, May 18

Life is Sweeter...

Reading Requirements and Explanations