Dear District #302 Parents and Families,

We are excited to kick off the 2022-2023 school year! On behalf of the District #302 Board of
Education and staff, I extend a warm welcome to all within our educational community. Our
school district exists to foster a community that values learning, demonstrates resiliency, and
cares deeply for every child. We benefit from an invested Board of Education, talented
administrators and staff, and outstanding students.

We extend a special welcome to our new students and staff. There are exceptional new hires that we are excited to have join our team. We can’t wait for you to meet them. New students are
always a welcome addition to our school community and we will be doing everything we can to
make their transition smooth and successful.

Fall is a wonderful time for those of us in education because it allows us to develop new goals,
build new relationships, and embark on new challenges. We are coming off of one of the most
difficult years in education. However, our staff and students rose to the occasion. Now, moving
ahead this year, it is our goal to get fully back to business. It is our main objective to focus our
efforts on teaching and learning. As a staff, we will begin the process of formally examining
curriculum and instruction, setting goals, and charting a course moving forward to ensure
continuous improvement.

There are some upgrades that have been implemented over the summer that I would like to share. First, 150 new Chromebooks were purchased and put into circulation for student use. A new firewall has been installed to provide the district computer network with an updated security system. Our internet speed has been upgraded to 2 gigabytes. Lastly, new acoustical panels will be installed in the new gym as early as September to greatly improve the sound quality in that space.

We all look forward to the promise of what the year will bring. Your partnership and support is
greatly appreciated and vital to helping create successful student outcomes. Please stay
connected with us through the school website, district Facebook page, and our new phone app. It is a pleasure to serve District #302.

Dr. Carol Munson