Title I - Mrs. Coady

Title I  
Villa Grove Unit School District #302

Title I is a federally funded program designed to provide supplemental assistance to at-risk students. The purpose of this program is to give the boost needed in a child's learning.  Title I is not meant to be a lifelong source of support for a student.  The Title I program may be administered as schoolwide or targeted assistance.

The government determines how a program will be carried out within each qualifying school.  For a school to be schoolwide it must have a very high percentage of free and reduced lunch students.  In a schoolwide program every student in the school is considered a Title I student as are the teachers.  The students receive instruction at their personal level of achievement with the goal being to bring each student up to grade level.

Since our school has a relatively low number of free and reduced lunch students, we are a targeted assistance school and receive a smaller amount of federal funding for our program.  We have determined that the students in grades K-4 have the greatest need for services in the area of reading.  I as the Villa Grove District Title I Teacher serve the classrooms of these students.  The students for the program are chosen based on basal test scores, classroom performance, comprehension scores on Accelerated Reader, results of the STAR reading test, AIMS Web scores, Lexia data, and teacher requests.  The students who qualify for Title I help in our school can receive this help by two methods.  The most used would be the Pull-Out method.  This means your child can attend classes in a small group setting for 20-30 minutes per day 2-4 days per week, depending on their individual need. We will do a variety of activities I think your child will enjoy.  The work we do in Title I is done in addition to the reading work done in your child’s regular classroom, not in place of classroom work.  Your child could also potentially benefit from the Push-In method.  This involves me going into the classroom to aid the students during their reading curriculum time instead of pulling them out.  This method is usually the most successful when used in combination with the Pull-Out method.  As required by No Child Left Behind the Title I students receive supplemental instruction in the areas of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics Instruction, Reading Fluency, Vocabulary Instruction, and Text Comprehension.

I will be meeting with each referred student individually and looking further into their classroom performance and assessment scores as the year progresses.  Once a set schedule is made that will best accommodate each individual student, I will inform all parents of the amount of time and method(s) that your child would benefit from the most.

More information will be given on September 11th at 7:00 PM in the Title I Room (room 19).  If you are unable to attend that day and have any questions please feel free to call 832-2261, ext. 2639 or email me at acoady@vg302.org.  I would be happy to explain Title I further, or provide materials for you to learn more about the Title I program offered at Villa Grove School.

In the Title I Reading Program in Villa Grove School District #302 the use of the allotted federal funds meets the requirements as stated in the Stevens Amendment section 511 of the FY1990 Department of Education Appropriations Act.  The Title I budget and program application are on file in our unit office.

Thank you,

Mrs. Angela Coady
Title I Instructor