FOM Bylaws

Friends of Music – FOM – Bylaws


This organization shall be known as Friends of Music or FOM.

  1. Membership

    Membership will be comprised of parents of music students at Villa Grove School and other adults with an expressed interest in promoting music at Villa Grove School.  Members will approve or disapprove of FOM activities by at large election with one vote per adult present at any given meeting.  Members must be present to vote. 



    To aid in meeting the music education needs of the students at Villa Grove School.



    The officers of this organization shall consist of President, Vice President/Secretary and a Treasurer.  Officers will be elected from the membership at large in September on an annual basis.  Vacancies will be nominated and elected from the membership at large.  There shall be no limit to the number of terms an officer may serve.

    The duties of the officers include but are not limited to:

    President:  Presides over FOM meetings and over executive meetings.

    Vice President/Secretary:  To sub for the president when necessary and to record and maintain minutes of FOM meetings.

    Treasurer:  Keep and maintain FOM financial records.



    Standard rules of conduct and common courtesy will be followed.


    Trustees shall consist of the Villa Grove Music department teachers.  They will be used in an advisory capacity only.



    Meetings will be at a minimum of one per year.  Members will be contacted by web page announcements, email and/or notice.  There will be an annual meeting to elect new officers.  A majority of members present is required to carry any proposals.  No person shall represent anyone else in a vote.

    The Executive Committee shall consist of FOM’s President, Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer and the Villa Grove School Music department teachers.



    The bylaws of this organization may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership present at the first regular meeting subsequent to the meeting at which the amendment was proposed or at a special meeting called at least 30 days after the introduction of the proposed amendment(s).



    The activities of this organization shall be delegated by committees.  Committees will be formed on an as needed basis.



In the event that FOM dissolves, all assets will be divided equally among the school accounts assigned to the Villa Grove School Music department teachers’ activity accounts to use for their students.