Each week in Reading, our class will read three new stories.  Vocabulary is a huge part of the reading series.  As a class, we will do many activities to enhance comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary.  On Fridays, the class will take a test over one story and then a test over two new stories that they read independently.

Unit 1:  Growing and Learning

Week 1-Bruno's New Home, Wolf, and Jennie and the Wolf

Vocab-concentrate, ached, discovery, educated, effort, improved, inspire, satisfied

Week 2-The Dream Catcher, Yoon and the Jade Bracelet, and Family Traditions

Vocab-pride, precious, disappointment, celebrate, tradition, courage, symbols, remind 

Week 3-Room to Grow, Gary the Dreamer, Sharing Polkas and Pitas

Vocab-admires, classmate, community, contribute, practicing, pronounce, tumbled, scared


Week 4-Mary Anderson's Great Invention, All Aboard!, Lighting the World

Vocab-design, encouraged, examine, investigation, quality, simple, solution, substitutes 


Week 5-A Natural Beauty, A Mountain of History, and A Landmark Street

Vocab-carve, clues, grand, landmark, massive, monument, national, traces

Unit 2:  Figure It Out

Week 1- Anansi Learns a Lesson, Roadrunner's Dance, Deltona is Going Batty

Vocab- attempt, awkward, cooperation, created, furiously, interfere, involved, timid

Week 2-Sailing to America, The Castle on Hester Street, Next Stop, America!

Vocab-arrived, immigrated, inspected, moment, opportunity, photographs, valuable, whispered

Week 3-Every Vote Counts, Vote!, A Plan for the People

Vocab-announced, candidate, convince, decision, elect, estimate, government, independent 

Week 4-Kids to the Rescue!, Whooping Cranes in Danger, Help the Manatees!

Vocab-caretakers, population, recognized, relatives, resources, success, survive, threatened

Week 5-Empanada Day, The Inventor Thinks Up Helicopters, Ornithopter, Montgolfier Brothers' Hot Air Balloon

Vocab-bounce, imagine, inventor, observer, alliteration, free verse, limerick, rhyme

Unit 3:  

Week 1-Inchworm's Tale, Martina the Beautiful Cockroach, Get a Backbone

Vocab:  disbelief, dismay, fabulous, features, offered, splendid, unique, watchful


Week 2-Jane's Discovery, Finding Lincoln, A Great American Teacher

Vocab:  amazement, bravery, disappear, donated,  leader, nervous, refused, temporary


Week 3-Earth and Its Neighbors, Earth, Coyote and the Jar of Stars

Vocab:  amount, astronomy, globe, solar system, support, surface, temperature, warmth


Week 4-Bats Did It First, Big Ideas, Perdix Invents the Saw

Vocab:  effective, example, identical, imitate, material, model, observed, similar


Week 5-The Long Road to Oregon, Riding the Rails West, Discovering Life Long Ago

Vocab:  agreeable, appreciate, boomed, descendants, emigration, pioneers, transportation, vehicles



Unit 4:  

Week 1-Nail Soup, The Real Story of Stone Soup, Healthful Food Choices

Vocab: aroma, expect, flavorful, graceful, healthful, interrupted, luscious, variety 


Week 2-The Impossible Pet Show, The Talented Clementine, Clementine and the Family Meeting

Vocab: achievement, apologized, attention, audience, confidence, embarrassed, realized, talents 


Week 3-Gray Wolf! Red Fox!, Amazing Wildlife of the Mojave, Little Half Chick

Vocab:  alert, competition, environment, excellent, prefer, protection, related, shelter


Week 4- Firsts in Flight, Hot Air Balloons, Bellerophon and Pegasus

Vocab:  controlled, direction, flight, impossible, launched, motion, passenger, popular


Week 5- Ginger's Fingers, The Winningest Woman of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race, Narcissa

Vocab:  adventurous, courageous, extremely, weird, free verse, narrative poem, repetition, rhyme

Unit 5-

Week 1- Juanita and the Beanstalk, Clever Jack Takes the Cake, When Corn Was Cash

Vocab:  admit, barter, considered, creation, humble, magnificent, payment, reluctantly


Week 2- The New Hoop, Bravo,Tavo!, Trash Into Art

Vocab:  conservation, discouraged, frustration, gazed, jubilant, recycling, remaining, tinkered 


Week 3- Rescue Dogs Save the Day, Wildfires, Windy Gale and the Great Hurricane

Vocab:  accidental, careless, disasters, equipment, harmful, prevention, purpose, respond

Week 4- Dolores Huerta:  Growing Up Strong, Elizabeth Leads the Way, Susan B. Anthony Takes Action

Vocab:  citizenship, continued, daring, horrified, participate, proposed, unfairness, waver

Week 5- Here Comes Solar Power, It's All in the Wind, Power for All

Vocab:  energy, natural, pollution, produce, renewable, replace, sources, traditional


Unit 6

Week 1-Athena and Arachne, King Midas and the Golden Touch, Carlos's Gift

Vocab:  alarmed, anguish, necessary, obsessed, possess, reward, treasure, wealth


Week 2-The Big Blizzard, Nora's Ark, The Wind and the Sun

Vocab:  argue, astonished, complained, conditions, forbidding, forecast, relief, stranded


Week 3-Rocketing into Space, Out of this World!, and A Flight to Lunar City

Vocab:  communicated, essential, goal, motivated, professional, research, serious, specialist


Week 4- Butterflies Big and Small, Alligators and Crocodiles, The Monkey and the Crocodile

Vocab:  endangered, fascinating, illegal, inhabit, requirement, respected, unaware, wildlife


Week 5-The Camping Trip, Bubble Gum, Ollie's Escape, The Gentleman Bookworm

Vocab:  entertainment, humorous, ridiculous, slithered, narrative poem, rhythm, rhyme, and stanza