Typically, Spelling is set up the same way each week.  We will take a pretest on Monday and the words will be sent home so you may practice there, too.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we will do workbook pages (one per day) and a hands-on activity each day.  On Friday, we will take the final test.  Spelling grades include the workbook pages and final test.  I have all of the spelling units on spellingcity.com so be sure to check that out, too.

Unit 1:  Growing and Learning

Words for Week 1

clap    camp    hand    
stamp    snack    rack    
grabs    glad   bill    
miss    click    pink    
sick    grin    lift

Words for Week 2

step    mess    head    crops
stop    rock    clock    sock
pond    jumps    shut
luck    slump    bugs    mug

Words for Week 3

date    lake    skate    
plane    grade    fine    
life    rice    wise    
smile    rose    globe
smoke    come    used

Words for Week 4

plain    braid    fail
grain    snail    paint
sway    tray    gray
stay     state    fake
same    weigh  they

Words for Week 5 Words

coast    coal    sold
broke    slow    float
soak    scold    note
show    toad    gold
slope    bone    foe

Unit 2:Figure It Out

Words for Week 1:
sky        fry        pie
tied       tight      right
cute      few        bright
grind     child      cube
mule     drew      music

Words for Week 2:
heel       street       speaks
week      freeze      team
creek      seal         clean
free        weak       cream
green      bean       field

Words for Week 3:
wrap      write       knock
wrists     wreath    knee
wrote     knit         gnome
wreck     knife       sign
wring      knight     gnaws

Words for Week 4:
scrubs      screams    scratch
scrape      screen      spread    
splash      spray         strength   
streak      strong       squeak  
three       throw        thread

Words for Week
chick    teacher    cheese
truth    fish          much    
lunch     stretch    pathway    
whales   pitch        hatch    
thick     them        what

Unit 3:  One of a Kind

Words for Week 1:
whirl    herds    turns
third    stern     learn
girls     serve    pearl
firm     hurt      word
fern     nurse    world

Words for Week 2:
sharp     storm     sore
yard       sport      hoard
artist      story      oars
carve     chore      pour
porch      shore    your

Words for Week 3:
careful      wear      rear
stared      bear       gear
shared     where    here
pair          there      career
stairs       dear        peer

Words for Week 4:
misprint   precut    distrust
misread    preview discount
mistrust   prepaid dishonest
misspell   preplan   discover
mistreat  preheat   disable

Words for Week 5:
foil          point        coins
noise       down       plow
owl          proud      round
bounce    couch      loudly
joyful       enjoy      proud








Unit 4:

Words for Week 1: 
spoon   goose   booth   
gloom   rude  tube   
due  clues   true   
chew   July   look   
shook   notebook  could

Words for Week 2:
years   twins   trays   
states   ashes   foxes   
inches   flies   cities   
ponies   bunches   alleys   
lunches   cherries   daisies

Words for Week 3:
taught   hauls   caused   
paused   squawk   thoughtless   
drawing   crawl   flawless   
lawn   salt   talked   
halls   water   bought

Words for Week 4:
sale   sail   beet   beat   
rode   road   rowed   
its   it's   your   you're   
their   they're   piece   peace

Words for Week 5: 
pounce   cents   mice   
age   changes   placed   
price   office  gyms 
message   dice   space 
wage   giant   pages


Unit 5 
Words for Week 1 
airplane   somebody   someone
daytime   birdhouse   newspaper
birthday   barefoot   sidewalks
daylight   headlight   basketball
hairdo   sometime   stagecoach

Words for Week 2
names   named   naming
hopes   hoped   hoping
dances   danced   dancing
drop   dropped   dropping
hugs   hugged   hugging
wraps   wrapped   wrapping

Words for Week 3
Words for Week 4
Words for Week 5


Unit 6 
Words for Week 1
disagreed dislike disappear
prepaid preschool precook
previous rebuild return
resell reprint unwrap
unlucky untied unbeaten

Words for Week 2
able purple riddle
handle eagle puzzle
castle little pickle
towel nickel camel
travel tunnel squirrel

Words for Week 3
monkey complain explained
remain brief enjoys
reading preteen poison
detail about repeats
presoak allowing unreal

Words for Week 4
severe cellar prepared
garlic trailer partner
declare author restore
later person sister
writer circus actor

Words for Week 5
careful cheerful helpful
colorful harmful pitiful
painless priceless helpless 
sleepless rainless helplessly
wisely carefully peacefully